Marked Men


Sunday, November 23, 2014
Marked Men – “Right Here With You” from On the Outside (2004 Dirtnap)


Confession #1: I never quite liked the Ramones as much as I figured I was probably suppsoed to. I think we all have a lot of bands like that, probably, but still, I’m confessing. It sems especially terrible to admit this now, given that all of the original members have moved on from this plane.

Confession #2: I learned about the Marked Men years after this record came out. It was the spring of 2008, and I was walking the dog and listening to Sound OpinionsThose two jokers were fresh from South by Southwest and were talking about an exciting garage/punk band from Denton, Texas. The Marked Men were, in fact, fresh and exciting, if hardly as new as the show suggested. It was immediately obvious that you don’t get to the Marked Men’s sound without a heavy Ramones influence, but really they sounded to me the way I thought the Ramones probably should have sounded all along.

Confession #3: Not long after that I was at a barbecue with a bunch of aging punk rock types like myself. Talk turned to music, and someone mentioned the Marked Men. I wasn’t even part of the conversation, but I got real enthusiastic from across the firepit.

Confession #4: This is the least severe, I think. A few years back I was at a big hardcore show in Minneapolis. One legendary band was playing their final show, and another was playing their first in years. I ran into a friend I knew from way back in the hardcore scene, and complimented his Marked Men shirt. “Honestly,” he said, leaning in, “I’d rather be at a show like that than here.” I knew exactly what he meant.

Beyond that, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to offer up, as I think this track stands mightily on its own. I’ll say these two things, though, for the Marked Men: melody and energy. They have them in spades, particularly in this song, which is actually a more slowed-down tempo than most of their offerings. Enjoy.