Daft Punk


Thursday, November 13, 2014
Daft Punk – “Burnin’/Too Long” from Alive 2007 (2007 Virgin)


I never attended a rave, which is probably a good thing, but in the early to mid-nineties sometimes the better of the local radio stations would play house and techno music on weekend nights. I remember coming home from hanging out with friends, and, still awash with that weird teenage hyperactivity that allows someone to stay up super late on no sleep, I’d try to beat match the radio to my CD player and/or turntable. I’m not sure I ever had much success, but it was pretty fun. I also didn’t own a lot of techno or house music at the time, so it’s anybody’s guess what source material I was pitting against the radio’s offerings.

Thankfully those days are a blurry memory (though admittedly not as blurry as they’d likely be if I had been on those raver drugs). Thankfullier still, Daft Punk plays a variety of house music that to my ear is a hell of a lot more interesting than ninety percent of what I was hearing back then.

I don’t know how they do it, but somehow, at the same time, I know exactly how they do it, and I’m about to break it down for you:

Introduce -> Build -> Filter -> Restrain Dramatically -> Repeat as Necessary

Here’s the thing, though — it always works, and never feels formulaic, but instead fresh and interesting, which I suppose is a testament to the building blocks they use and the particular ways they choose to manipulate them according to the above crude, unfair, and grossly inaccurate formula.

Basically, though, they know how to keep things fresh in order to move a crowd. That’s important here, because this is a live record, and you can hear the crowd at many points throughout this track. Even though it was recorded in the duo’s home country of France, in an indoor arena in Paris, at that, I can’t help but imagine a bunch of Germans in a field tripping balls and waving glowsticks in the air while Daft Punk puts on their legendary live show. That’s probably not fair to French people, Germans, or Daft Punk, but it’s real, goddammit.

Anyway, thank God for Daft Punk. Please get in touch via email for information about where to send tickets for their next Minneapolis show.