Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Bloodshed – “So Called” from Helpless Amongst Friends Volume 1 (1994 Tooth and Nail Records)

I wrote about this song and the comp it originally appeared on a couple years ago for another blog I was working on at the time. I’ve listened to it a lot more in preparation for today’s entry, and feel like I was probably a bit too flattering in my earlier take. This is a snapshot of an era, and sounds like giant pants and sloppy, boring nineties hardcore. There are, to be fair, moments when it attempts something more interesting, but overall, there’s not much happening here that you’re missing. You’ll have to trust me, of course, as I can’t find a video for it. Sorry, dudes. And I promised to be better. Sheesh.

Oh, it does occur to me that one might wonder why I keep a song in my iTunes library for which I have so much animosity. That’s a fair question. I suppose it’s because, whatever I believe (or, more accurately, don’t believe) these days, the Christian hardcore of the Tooth and Nail Records era was a big part of my life at the time, and, whether it’s the version of the story I’d write for myself or not, paved the way for my immersion into the larger hardcore scene. And, more than (but including) all that, I’m real nostalgic.