Monday, May 25, 2015
Birdflesh – “Crowes in Your Nose” from Night of the Ultimate Mosh (2002 Razorback)


I couldn’t begin to tell you what it is about Scandinavia and heavy music (what do I look like,, maybe because I’m one of about a dozen white Minnesotans with no Scandinavian heritage (and here I’ll admit to breaking what I know to be linguistic barriers and include the great nation of Finland in my definition of Scandinavia). Sweden’s Birdflesh comes not from Gothenburg or Stockholm, definitely not from Umeå, but from a town called Växjö, which, it’s worth acknowledging, has two umlauts in its name.

I did a little bit of internetting ahead of this post, but all I could find was what I mostly already knew: Birdflesh plays really fucking heavy grindy metal that sometimes borrows from thrash, and they are funny (song titles include “Sweat of the Old Man,” “Burgers of the Dead,” and “Mutilation Boogie”). I further learned that the band members have alter egos and absurd stage outfits, which is the kind of thing I can really go in for if done well (see: MF DOOM, Ink & Dagger).

They’ve been around since 1992, and show no signs of letting up anytime soon, having just released a split 7″ with Greece’s Slavebreed this year.

No need to pontificate further, except to say that this song seems to have something to do with the dangers of Black Crowes fandom, maybe. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Birdflesh:

Note: As sometimes happens here at the Shuffler, we weren’t able to get our greasy little fingers on the video for the exact track we were seeking, so instead you’ll have to a) please forgive us and 2) enjoy this live Birdflesh video as a consolation prize. I have no idea what the songs are, but you get the idea. 


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