Thursday, April 2, 2015
Dirty Dirt & the Dirts – “Greatest Evil” from s/t 7″ (1998 Western Disease)


I don’t have a ton to say abou this because I don’t know a ton about it. DD&tD isn’t a band I ever saw, but I remember hearing a lot about them in the late nineties. This was during a time when there were some exciting things happening in the world of fast hardcore, and one exciting aspect of that scene seemed to center around the Los Angeles area.

For instance, the singer, Rich Booher, later sang in Esperanza and Please Inform the Captain this is a Hijack, among others, and, get this, contributed back cover art for Christian hardcore band Focused’s second record. I’m not sure why, but I thought that there was also some kind of connection between DD&tD and one of my favorite hardcore bands of the era, LA or otherwise, Lifes Halt!. I can’t confirm that, and in the end I like Lifes Halt! a whole lot better, so go figure.

DD&tD played fast hardcore that was pissed off and pretty straightforward. The energy was exciting, and, like a lot of bands at the time, I think there was a certain excitement around the fact that they weren’t playing the moshcore that had dominated the hardcore scene for most of the decade.

I first heard them on the Memories of Tomorrow compilation on Youngblood Records, nestled into the number eight spot on a pretty stellar record alongside the likes of No Justice, Lifes Halt!, No Reply, Holding On and What Happens Next?, among others. What’s more, the compilation track (which you can listen to for free on Youngblood’s bandcamp page in the link earlier in this paragraph) is better than anything on this seven-inch, which stands to reason as the comp came out two years later.

The internet hasn’t always been kind to DIY punk projects from this era, and as such, I have no video or audio links to embed below, only spurious links from which you can download the record at no cost, just as I did.


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