Sunday, November 16, 2014
MK-Ultra – “Whalers, Jets, Nordiques” from Discography and Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! – A Music War (2009 Youth Attack! and 1997 Slap A Ham, respectively)


MK-Ultra shared a drummer in Ebro Virumbrales with Charles Bronson (among other bands), previously featured on The Shuffler. The Charles Bronson song we explored was thirteen seconds long, if memory serves, making this song one second shorter. MK-Ultra was always my least favorite Ebro project, but as they were fast pissed-off nineties hardcore, I still liked them just fine. I saw them once at the Whole Music Club at the University of Minnesota, which was kind of a weird venue for them and featured a number of surprisingly high kicks from their singer.

I couldn’t find lyrics for this song anywhere, so I’m not entirely sure what the focus is, but based on the title, I guess it’s hockey. That’s kind of odd. I might be a bad Minnesotan for this, but I think hockey is pretty dumb. Given that just about everything about this song sounds like shit, maybe it’s okay that the lyrical content is fairly vapid.

“Whalers, Jets, Nordiques” originally appeared on Slap A Ham RecordsBllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!A Music Waran 84-song 7″ compilation EP featuring the fast hardcore/powerviolence heavyweights of the day. I remember seeing it kicking around but never picked it up myself; thanks to the internet, we can enjoy the whole thing below, and if you can hang in long enough, you might even catch the MK-Ultra song.


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